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ENSEMBLE EXCLAMATIO Sonata da chiesa. Violin tenor

Oleguer Aymamí, cello, piccolo cello and artistic direction
Amat Santacana, cello and piccolo cello
Xavier Puertas, violin in sol
Marc Díaz, organ

Works by J. S. Bach, A. Corelli, B. Marini, G. Frescobaldi, E. F. Dall’abaco and A. Vivaldi
Ensemble Exclamatio offers a musical trip that illustrates the evolution of the terms Sonata da chiesa between the 17th and the 18th centuries and the way some composers used it. The programme extends from Frescobaldi’s Canzona –musical form considered as being the foremother of Sonata da chiesa– to Corelli’s sonatas, considered as the creator of the term, despite if its former existence. Bach’s choral music –selection of Easter Oratorium– will be present in the different works to contextualise them in a mystic and spiritual atmosphere, just the way they were conceived. The piccolo cello (with the range of violin tenor) as main timbre suggests and gives innovative and charming sonorities to each piece.
escalarreGuided tour: Santa Maria d’Àneu Church

Hour: 13.15h

Modified in the 16th century, this Romanesque church hosts reproductions of Romanesque paintings, one of the most important collection of the Catalan Romanesque Art that is preserved in MNAC (National Art Museum of Catalonia).

Concert Information

Concert Date 09-08-2022 19:00
Location Santa Maria d'Àneu Church-Escalarre (La Guingueta d'Àneu)
Attachment Programa Ensemble Exclamatio.pdf

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