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"Swinging Baroque"

Conductor: Hiro Kurosaki

This program unites some of the best music from the high baroque period.
The pieces by Handel, Purcell and Rebel are of highest musical qualities. But they are also specially chosen for young participants so they can display their virtuosity, like in the solo parts of the Concerto grosso, or even in fast tutti passages like in 'Les Caractères de la Dance'.
The participants are confronted by the two most important national styles of the baroque time:
The Italian, represented here by Handel as a pupil and direct follower of his master Corelli.
And the the French with its most typical dance rhythms in a geniusly condensed form by Rebel.
And the mixture of both styles enriched with English traditional polyphony by Purcell.
The program consists of a great variety of rather short pieces were participants can learn the most of divers baroque styles and characteristics while enjoying the most beautiful music written in this period.

Pedagogical offer

The working hours will be 4h in the morning and 4h in the afternoon with a 30minute break.


Georg Friedrich Haendel: Concerto grosso G-major, op 6/1 (~12 min)
Henry Purcell: "Fairy Queen" - suite (~30 min)
Jean-Féry Rebel: "Les caractères de la danse" (10min)


  • Course
- From 7th July to 9th July


- 09/07 · Berga

- 10/07 · Espot

*Both concerts are part of the course and are mandatory for active students.