Information - Become a FeMAP FRIEND!
What does being FeMAP Friend mean?
- You will be a FeMAP Friend user for a unique fee of 10€.
- You can get all the advantages offered by forming part of this group.
Which are the advantages of being FeMAP Friend?
- You will get reduced-price tickets for all concerts 2022 (One ticket per concert and friend).
- A FeMAP CD GIFT! (1 CD for friend to pick up at the ticket office).
- Automatic subscription at our newsletter to be informed of the latest news of the Festival.
- Participate in ticket draws and special promotions.
How can you become a FeMAP Friend?
Become a FeMAP Friend ONLINE here
You can become a FeMAP Friend at any of the advance ticket offices. Check out the list of the offices here
Once you become a FeMAP Friend, you will receive in your email your personal code as a FeMAP Friend. With this code you will be able to purchase your tickets:
ADVANCE SALE OFFICES: Check out the list of the here
THE SAME DAY AT THE CONCERT: With your FeMAP Friend Code (general rate)