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LA REGALADA Sant Jaume pels Pirineus’s route


Ricard Casañ, César Navarro, Carles Herruz, Juan Bautista Abad and Juan Carlos Igea, natural trumpets
Onofre Serer, historical percussion

Works by C. Monteverdi, T. Susato, G. Fantini, A. Caldara, P. Torri, J. Philidor, A. Philidor, M. Altenburg, J. B. Lully, M. A. Charpentier, J. H. Schmelzer, C. Bedienelli and anonymous artists.
United since the Middle Age, trumpets and kettledrums became a fixed ensemble well into the 19th century. Since then, they have been a whole musical language rooted in the European military and heraldic tradition. In the late 15th century, the Catholic Kings enhanced the body of royal musicians up to 27 drummers and trumpeters. In the early 17th century, the first works especially written for this ensemble –so far played according to a codified and orally-transmitted corpus– appeared and in 1656, H.I.F. von Biber wrote Missa Salisburgensis, which includes two sets of four trumpets and kettledrums. Apart from livening up the courts, the brotherhoods are hired to accompany processions and festivities. La Regalada plunges into the most splendorous period of this musical combination and offers a great deal of the repertoire for drummers and trumpeters that has arrived up to now.
  pesillaGuided tour: La Casa de la Patum
Hour: 19.00h (Meeting point: Sant Francesc Convent)

Discover the Patum festival and its history thanks to this guided tour through the permanent exhibition that hosts all the costumes and components of the parade.




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23/07 · Concert + Accommodation · from 64,60€

Prices per person/night based on double room + breakfast + ticket and guided tour of the concerts that have it.

Concert Information

Concert Date 23-07-2023 21:00
Location BERGA · Sant Francesc Cloisters
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