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Missa Regalis


Anaïs Oliveras and Evelyn Johnson, sopranos
Mariona Llobera, mezzosoprano
Carles Prats, tenor
Nèstor Pindado, baritone
Clara Pouvreau, cello
F. Miguel Jalòto, organ and direction

Works by F. Valls, M. Cardoso, C. de Seixas, A. Tedeschi, G. Giorgi and anonymous artists.
During the reign of king John V of Portugal (1706-1750), thanks to the affluence of a huge amount of gold and diamonds from Brazil, Lisbon recovers the prestige and the urbanity of a modern and developed European metropolis. The grandeur of Lisbon Patriarchate and John V’s magnificence go beyond the frontiers and tributes and offerings come from all sides. In 1740, Francesc Valls, who had been the choirmaster of Barcelona Cathedral and was the most famous Hispanic theorist in the 18th century, dedicated his last composition to the Portuguese monarch: Missa Regalis. Coproduced by Cervera Easter Festival and FeMAP, this work by Lisboa 1740 recreates the varied and contrasted liturgic of Saint Isabelle of Portugal Celebration and expresses the magnificence of the sound and the court splendour that Lisbon Royal and Patriarchal Chapel would have in the 18th century.
  pesillaGuided tour: Ronda Laurediana
Hour: 19.00h (Meeting point: Casa Comuna)

This guided walk through the town centre will show you all about the evolution of Sant Julià de Lòria from the 12th century to date.


Concert Information

Concert Date 17-07-2023 21:00
Location SANT JULIÀ DE LÒRIA · Sant Julià i Sant Germà Church
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